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HowTo use AviFormat

Jun 16, 2009 at 8:59 PM

I just loaded Cropper v1.9.1.89 and all plugins.  I didn't understand how to use AviFormat but now that I've figured it out I thought I'd post some info.  I'll put this on the wiki page if I get authorized to update the project.

  • Position anything you want to show within a contained area on your screen.
  • Use F8 to open the sizing form and make sure the form is a little larger than the space you want to show.  You may need to hit ESC, check the artifacts on your screen, then F8 again to make sure everything fits.
  • When you're sure everything you want to show is going to fit in the defined space, F8 again to bring up the sizing form.
  • Double-click the form or press Enter, as usual to start recording.
  • Hit ESC to close the form and record screen events.
  • When done, F8 to bring up the form and then press Enter again to turn off recording.

The sizing form shows "Avi - Stopped" even when it's recording. Ignore that, it's recording. (I'll see if I can fix that.) If you have Windows Explorer up and you're watching the target directory, the file size may not increase as you expect, but it is recording and should close properly when you turn it off.

I just posted an issue to the tracker that the playback of AVI files is very fast and not in sync with the real time speed.  I'll post back here if I figure out how to fix that.  The issue might be that it's recording at 10fps and playing back at 30fps ... no idea yet.